Quotes to remember

"A good fanfic writer is good because he wants to be. A good original story writer is good because he has to be." - Naa Dei Nikoi "Sometimes I feel there is a hole inside of me, an emptiness that at times seems to burn. I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the ocean..." - Unknown "I think that's what maturity is: a stoic response to endless reality. But then, what do I know?" - Carrie Fisher "I am not fat, I am a perfect representation of the Mother Goddess figure created by the original version of mankind. They had it right, no woman should resemble a toothpick or a stick with arms and hair. Long live the Neanderthals and their sense of beauty!" - Heather Companion "The difference between the right word and the almost-right word is the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug." - Mark Twain "If you had a million years to do it in, you couldn't rub out even HALF the 'F*** you' signs in the world." -JD Salinger "I could not at any age be content to take my place in a corner by the fireside and simply look on.” - Eleanor Roosevelt "The first thing you lose on a diet is brain mass." -Margaret Cho "It's just a big damn onion! (uh, in the layery sense, not the stinky, smelly, make your eyes burn -well, maybe that part- sense). And you're just too good at pulling pieces back without ripping them off!" - Becca "ASH said that Giles smells like mothballs. What does Spike smell like?" "Sex." - James Marsters in response to fan query "A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most." - George Bernard Shaw "Your stories just pull you in, shake you up, and leave you wanting more." - Unknown "Remember, always be yourself. Unless you suck." - Joss Whedon "If they all sat around buffing their nails, it'd be one boring show." - Devil Doll β€œTo love someone deeply gives you strength. Being loved by someone deeply gives you courage.” - Lao Tzu "How did we get Dave Grohl to play the devil? It was easy. We just took off his Dave Grohl mask, and there was Satan." - Unknown "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost." - JRR Tolkien "Anyone can speak Troll," said Fred dismissively. "All you have to do is point and grunt." - JK Rowling