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Paul Johnson Quotes

Let us share with you some great Paul Johnson (journalist, historian, speechwriter and author) Quotes:

“It does not always pay to have a golden tongue unless one has the ability to hold it”

“The word ‘meaningful’ when used today is nearly always meaningless.”

“The most socially subversive institution of our time is the one-parent family”

“There was some trucker guy and he said, ‘How’s the horses?’ … And I said, ‘The horses are OK, but I’m about to run out of fuel.’ So he let me siphon five gallons out of his truck. I don’t know his name.”

“For the same reason Ascend wanted Stratus’ technology, Lucent is also interested.”

“This quarter’s a throwaway.”

“But Cisco has not grown through acquisitions, … They’ve grown despite their acquisitions. The primary growth, as we saw in the quarter, was clearly from routers, which is Cisco’s historical product.”

“Although Cisco’s lowered stock price may be seductive to investors, we believe that there is still near term downside to the stock, … It is clearer than ever to us that the current Cisco appears to be merely a shadow of its former self.”

“We believe their leading competitors will continue to take market share from Cisco at an accelerated pace throughout the slowdown — especially in the service provider focused product arena.”

“In fact, we believe that the lengthening sell cycles may give incumbent carriers a chance to really experience next-generation equipment in the labs and, as a result, move away from Cisco products.”