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Bugs Bunny Quotes

bugs-bunny-debut-1– “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.” – Bugs Bunny
– “Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?” – Bugs Bunny
– “Here I go with the timid little woodland creature bit again. It’s shameful, but…ehhh, it’s a living.” – Bugs Bunny
– “Eh, what’s up, doc? You can’t shoot a wabbit.” – Bugs Bunny
– “I know this defies the law of gravity, but I never studied law!” – Bugs Bunny
– “Oh well, maybe I can shine it up and use it for an ashtray.” – Bugs Bunny

– “If an interesting monster can’t have an interesting hairdo I don’t know what this world is coming to.” – Bugs Bunny

– “Remember Doc! Keep smiling!” – Bugs Bunny

– “The rabbit is considered a kind and intelligent creature in Cambodian culture.” – Bugs Bunny