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Radiohead Famous Quotes

radiohead– “If you don’t ask me out to dinner, I don’t eat”
– “Just cause you feel it, doesn’t mean it’s there.”
– “A heart that’s full up like a landfill and a job that slowly kills you.”
– “May pretty horses come to you as you sleep”
– “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”
– “I Want None Of This”
– “How You See The World No. 2.”
– “If I could be who you wanted all the time.”
– “I keep falling over, I keep passing out when I see a face like you.”
– “I’ll be waiting with a gun and a pack of sandwiches, and nothing.”

Negative Friendship Quotes

If you think that friendship is all about colored flowers, joyfull, and happyness, well … you’re wrong. There are several negative friendship quotes that I’m gonna show you.

– “There is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for (Bob) Hope, and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for me … We spend our lives doing nothing for each other.” – Bing Crosby

– “Whoever says Friendship is easy has obviously never had a true friend!” – Bronwyn Polson

– I don’t trust him. We’re friends.” – Bertolt Brecht

– “I’ve noticed your hostility towards him … I ought to have guessed you were friends.” – Malcolm Bradbury

– “A friend in power is a friend lost” – Henry Adams

– “Whenever a friend suceeds, a little something in me dies.” – Gore Vidal

– “A friend in need is a friend to be avoided.” – Lord Samuel

– “These people aren’t your friends, they’re paid to kiss your feet.” – Radiohead

– “When I needed you most when I needed a friend, you let me down now like I let you down then” – Blink 182

– “Friendships last when each friend thinks he has a slight superiority over the other.” – Honore Debalazac